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Statement as of 10:35 AM MDT on July 01, 2016

... June 2016 and October-June seasonal weather summary for north
central and southwest Montana...

Overall, June was warm and dry across the area. A high pressure
ridge over the central US dominated the weather pattern for the
month. Temperatures were generally above normal for the first 10
days of June. Record high temperatures were set at Dillon and Helena
on the 6th. Again on the 8th, record high temperatures were set at
several locations. Thunderstorms produced 1.5-inch hail near Monarch
on the 9th. Severe thunderstorms continued across the area on the
10th and 11th. Hail to 2.5-inches was reported near Roy and 1.75-
inches at Great Falls. Windy conditions on the 16th produced gusts
to 65 mph west of Choteau. Cooler temperatures spread across the
region. The area's lowest temperature was observed at Elk Park on
the 17th, when a value of 20f was reported. Severe thunderstorms
moved over hill and Blaine counties again on the 18th, with Golf-
Ball size hail and wind gusts to 62-mph. After a variable period of
warmth, then cool, then warmth again late month, severe weather
occurred over portions of north central Montana on the 30th. Wind
gusts reached 59 mph at Big Sandy, with Golf-Ball size hail reported
near Kremlin.

The area's warmest temperature was 95f observed on the 8th and 23rd.
Several locations recorded this value, including Loma, Bozeman, and
Rudyard. Elk Park reported 20f on the 17th, for the area's coolest
temperature. The greatest positive departure from normal was
Lewistown with a 5.6f departure. Bozeman msu recorded a 5.2f
positive departure from normal. Areas along the hi-line recorded the
lowest departures from normal. Chinook was slightly cooler than
normal, with a 0.3f negative departure. Most of the area ranged from
2-4f above normal. The area average was 62.3f, or 3.7f above normal.
This is the 22nd warmest of record.

For the water-year the area average temperature is 38.9f, which is
the 10th warmest of average. Cut Bank has seen their warmest water-
year since 1992, while at Great Falls this has been the warmest
water-year since 2000. At Helena, June 2015 and last water-year were
warmer than this year. At Lewistown, last year's June was warmer,
but this is the second warmest water-year of record. The warmest was
in 1910.

For precipitation, June was a generally dry month. This was the
second driest of record at Lewistown (driest in 1904). At West
Yellowstone, this was the driest of record, displacing June 1910.
Although most areas had less than one-half their normal June
rainfall, there was a bright spot over northern hill and western
Blaine counties. Simpson recorded 3.69-inches of rain, while Chinook
measured 2.5-inches, both above normal. The highest area
precipitation value was 4.60-inches at Badger Pass (western
pondera). The driest area was across southern Gallatin County,
including West Yellowstone.

For the area, the average precipitation was 1.07-inches, 1.31-inches
below normal. This is the 8th driest of record, although last year
was drier. For the water-year, the average precipitation is 10.02-
inches, 0.40-inches below normal. This is the 44th driest of record.

Winds were near to above normal at most locations. The averages were
the strongest since 2012 most areas. The highest wind gust was 75
mph at two medicine during a windy period on the 19th. From a
thunderstorm, the highest gust was 61 mph near fort Belknap on the
14th. The area average wind speed was 8.9-mph, 0.1-mph above normal.
This is the 28th windiest of record. For the water-year the average
is 9.3-mph, 0.1-mph above normal. This is the 15th windiest of

Severe weather occurred on seven days in June, normal is five days.
This is the highest number of severe weather days since 2012.

Average temperature... degrees fahrenheit...
             Jun norm rank Oct-Jun norm rank
Bozeman... ... 63.3..59.1... 4th warmest 38.4... .36.1... 7th warmest
Cut Bank... ..60.0..57.8... 24th warmest 39.1... .35.8... 3rd warmest
Dillon... ... .62.5..58.1... 6th warmest 38.7... .36.4... 11th warmest
Great Falls..62.6..59.7... 32nd warmest 41.3... .38.3... 18th warmest
Havre... ... ..63.7..62.2... 40th warmest 39.9... .36.7... 8th warmest
Helena... ... .66.5..62.1... 4th warmest 42.0... .38.7... 3rd warmest
Lewistown... .63.7..58.1... 8th warmest 41.3... .36.7... 2nd warmest
W yellowston.56.2..51.8... 8th warmest 30.6... .27.6... 7th warmest

Precipitation... inches...
              Jun norm Oct-Jun norm
Bozeman... ... .1.17..2.46... 14th driest 8.92... 10.80... 22nd driest
Cut Bank... ... 1.16..2.55... 17th driest 7.93... .7.19... 45th wettest
Dillon... ... ..1.12..1.97... 17th driest 6.60... .7.35... 34th driest
Great Falls... 0.96..2.53... 11th driest 12.08... 10.26... 36th wettest
Havre... ... ... 1.93..2.19... 48th driest 11.75... .7.33... 12th wettest
Helena... ... ..1.38..2.06... 36th driest 6.20... .7.73... 14th driest
Lewistown... ..0.76..3.08... 2nd driest 10.64... 11.84... 34th driest
W Yellowstone.0.32..2.17... driest 13.03... 17.35... 15th driest

Average wind speed... mph...
              Jun norm rank Oct-Jun norm rank
Bozeman... ... .6.5... .6.2... 13th windiest 5.6... . 5.8... 14th calmest
Cut Bank... ..12.6... 12.3... 21st windiest 13.1... .13.3... 37th calmest
Dillon... ... ..8.2... 8.4... 22nd calmest 9.7... . 9.4... 22nd windiest
Great Falls..10.1... 10.6... 13th calmest 11.9... .12.8... 16th calmest
Havre... ... .. 9.2... .9.0... 24th calmest 10.1... . 9.3... 34th calmest
Helena... ... . 8.2... .8.0... 20th windiest 6.6... . 7.0... 14th calmest
Lewistown... . 8.8... 8.6... 33rd windiest 9.5... . 9.7... 21st windiest
W yellowston. 7.4 M

Temperature and precipitation records for Bozeman began in 1935, Cut
Bank began in 1903, Dillon began in 1939, Great Falls began in 1891,
Havre and Helena began in 1880, Lewistown began in 1896, and West
Yellowstone began in 1905. Wind records at Bozeman and Dillon began
in 1948, Cut Bank and Lewistown in 1938, Great Falls in 1939, Havre
in 1889, Helena in 1880, and West Yellowstone in 2010. The normal
period for all elements is 1981 to 2010.

These data are preliminary and have not undergone final qc by ncdc.
Therefore these data are subject to revision. Final and certified
climate data can be accessed at the National climatic data center at

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