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Statement as of 8:00 AM EDT on May 02, 2016

... Air quality awareness week begins today...

This is air quality awareness week.

This is an opportunity to learn more about air quality and how
it affects your health.

Each day of air quality awareness week will feature a unique
topic relevant to education and preparedness.

Today we highlight two types of air pollution... ozone and
particle pollution.

These are two common pollutants found in many parts of the

Ozone is a colorless... odorless gas. It is the same gas
that is found in the ozone layer... high in the earths
stratosphere where it protects US from the suns ultraviolet
energy. But at ground level where we live... ozone pollution
is unhealthy to breathe.

Particle pollution or airborne particle pollution consists
of microscopic particles in the air. Depending on where
you live... it can be a problem in the winter and or Summer.
Like ozone... particle pollution is not healthy to breathe.
The particles also contribute to haze which blurs The View
in many cities and National Parks.

Tomorrow we will learn how these pollutants form and create
poor air quality conditions.

For more information on air quality awareness week... visit US
at W W W... dot... airquality... dot... NOAA... dot gov.

That is... W W W... dot... airquality... dot... NOAA... dot gov.

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